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View Article  New Blog URL
I'm moving this blog to a new URL which can be found here. I've moved as much of the content across as I could. Comments and some linkage are probably missing and I might work on getting it all over there. However, this site will likely stay archived at this location as well so that old links pointing here still work.

Please be patient while I make changes to the new URL and site over the next week or so.

If you are subscribed here I suggest you pickup the RSS subscription from the new location of the blog.
View Article  Amazon MP3 Widget
Just trying this Amazon MP3 Widget thing:

View Article  Google HuddleChat and 37Signals Campfire
Wow, whats all the fuss about this HuddleChat and 37Signals??
View Article  Google Apps Engine
This looks interesting:

Google App Engine enables you to build web applications on the same scalable systems that power Google applications.
View Article  Google Chat Widget
Google has come out with what Brent actually envisioned for the BlogChat webchat application in 2001/2002. He wanted visitors to his website to be able to chat with him but not necessarily give out his IM address etc. The Google Chat Widget is basically that and ties into GTalk (Google IM) without revealing one's actual IM address etc. However, it is only one-to-one so no group chat available at this time (perhaps they'll add that as a feature).

Very nice though.

View Article  End of Support for Netscape web browsers
I'd say this announcement is at least 5 years late!!!
View Article  Google Talk Language Translation
Google released a chat translation thing today. However in my opinion the implementation is really sloppy with the use of a bot. I suppose a possible reason they are doing this is just to show that one can hook bots into GTalk etc so perhaps it isn't really the fact that they wanted to add translation in a user friendly way.

Brent was messing around with translation for BlogChat back in 2002 and had it working in a much nicer way. See his post on it here.
View Article  New Version Of Yahoo User Interface (YUI)
Yahoo released a new version of YUI yesterday. I've been using YUI lately on a few projects and it is proving very useful. See their blog entry on the list of new features.
View Article  Another Loser Admits Using Steroids
I'm really tired about hearing about all this steroid use with athletes.

Another athlete (not even sure I should call them athletes) admits using steroids but again like a ton of others is going to come out saying "I didn't know it was steroids". Apparently the pill they are given is called "the clear" and they are told it is Flax seed oil pills. The strange thing is how come not one of these athletes are suing their coaches or whoever they get "the clear" from. If I was slipped a drug for years and years that I  didn't want to have in my system I'm sure I'd sue or do something about it.
View Article  Software Is Hard
Great article on why software is hard and probably why I'll pickup Dreaming in Code: Two Dozen Programmers, Three Years, 4,732 Bugs, and One Quest for Transcendent Software.

Some of my favorite quotes from the article:

"Software scheduling is an NP-complete bin packing problem where the sizes of the bins are hidden!"

"Software construction is the most complex endeavor ever undertaken by mankind.  It makes building things like cathedrals and space shuttles look like child's play, and it strains our little monkey brains to the utmost."
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