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Re: David Blaine Stunt Scam
by Anonymous
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contacts: Ruby Arrington, Publicist Phone: 562.787.3999 Lucy Slattery, Manager Phone: 562.366.9385 CURTIS LOVELL II QUESTIONS LEGITIMACY OF MAGICIAN DAVID BLAINE AND PSYCHIC JOHN EDWARD • Lovell Awaits Blaine’s Response To Duel Face-Off Challenge • Lovell Challenges Psychic John Edward’s Supernatural Abilities LOS ANGELES, July 31, 2006 – Failure seems to be a common misfortune for David Blaine these days. Not only did Blaine fail his last stunt with the world watching, but also he is continuing to ignore Curtis Lovell’s multiple requests for a duel face-off challenge. Additionally, Lovell, an up-and-coming escape artist and illusionist, is questioning the legitimacy of John Edward, the infamous psychic who claims he can communicate with the dead. Lovell, who appeared on the July 9th episode of The Simple Life, has contacted Blaine multiple times via certified mail and email. Lovell initiated the challenge as a way of pushing the envelope within the magic industry just like Houdini did in the early 1920’s. For the past several months, Lovell has been vocal about Blaine’s lackluster performances, beginner-level stunts and the way he manipulates the audience while making a mockery of the magic industry. Unfortunately, Blaine has not responded to the duel challenge nor attempted to combat the allegations Lovell has made towards him. In addition, Lovell has set his sights on John Edward. After reviewing his books and watching his television show Crossing Over, Lovell is questioning Edward’s psychic abilities. According to Lovell, Edward is misleading readers, audience members and television viewers by having them believe his purported psychic abilities, including communicating with the dead and predicting future events. Lovell proclaims that it is extremely dangerous for those who deem Edward as a psychic expert because no one should trust his antics, like communicating with deceased loved ones, because it is all done using tricks. Lovell even goes on to say that these types of tricks can cause psychological damage to family members who believe in his work. “Talking to the dead died out in the 1920’s when the great Houdini challenged the psychics and mediums to a $10,000 challenge. I want to bring back his legacy by replicating the Houdini challenge with John Edward,” Lovell stated with a smile. “Anything that Edward claims to be doing through supernatural abilities I can do using simple magic tricks – and that is what I want to prove.” To explicate the challenge, Lovell contacted Edward for the first time last week through a certified letter and email. The duel challenges that Lovell has masterminded will be presented with honor and integrity for all parties. “If Blaine and Edward are as great as they claim to be, they will have nothing to fear and should gladly accept my challenges,” stated Lovell. “Guys, please prove me wrong.” Furthermore, Lovell is working on a new television show. If Blaine and Edward accept Lovell’s challenges, both duels will be seen on the show. “I cannot discuss the television show in great length since it is still in the development stages. I will say though, it is a wild show and if you are in the public eye, you will not be safe from my challenges,” said Lovell. Recently, Lovell started consulting with the world-renowned escape artist Steve Baker. Known as “Mr. Escape” and the “Modern Day King of Escapology,” Baker was the premier escape artist in the world from 1967 till the early 1990’s. He carved out his career by duplicating Houdini’s famous escapes and once he conquered them all, he started breaking new ground by creating his own unique brand of escapes. Through the years, Baker chalked up 32 hours worth of television footage, including appearances on Dick Clark’s LIVE Wednesday, That’s Incredible, The Tonight Show, Merv Griffin, The Alan Thicke Show, and his own HBO special called “The World’s Greatest Escapes” hosted by Tony Curtis. Baker, who holds the record for most television appearances by an escape artist, will be the chief consultant for the stunts performed on Curtis’ upcoming television show. For more information on Steve Baker, you can visit his website at A Site For The Fans Lovell fans can visit his website at as well as at site, which includes all of the information regarding the challenges and a message board for fans to write their thoughts. About Lovell Lovell, who resides in the Los Angeles area, has mastered the art of illusions and escapes and is a self-taught businessman. Some of his more daring stunts include being lifted 50 feet in the air above buildings, chained to two steel plates and then submerged into oceans and rivers. His greatest spectacle to date is the Cube of Death, a dangerous stunt that lead to the demise of the great Harry Houdini in 1926. Lovell can be seen cutting and dicing the world’s most famous heiress, Paris Hilton, in her television reality show, The Simple Life. Additionally, he has just release
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