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Re: Re: David Blaine Stunt Scam
by Tim A
Wow, I'm not sure this is even worthy of a response at is seems you are unable to read properly. But here it goes anyway. 1. Again, they said this so quickly it had to be scripted. No way to notice or even think that it might cause problems. But, they immediately pointed out all the problems it would potentially cause. Again if there was any preparation for this at all (which there would have been tons of) they would have known this. 2. I didn't say bubbles twice the announcer did. 3. The blackout was not a technical problem on my end. It was perfectly timed with what was going on and the audio continued. It only was blacked out for about 3-4 seconds for dramatic effect. 4. I'm sure you can get a breathing device to him whether it be a mask or something else no problem. Its done with divers sharing oxygen in an emergency. Or, like I said, have a quick release valve so that water drains in no time. SIMPLE. 5. I didn't say it was fake, just staged. There doesn't have to be many people involved. The divers don't even have to be told. They are just told what to do in case this and that and I'm sure that was even practiced. The reason he didn't succeed is because it was way more interesting that he didn't and they had to make a dramatic rescue instead of a real safe rescue of draining the tank (which would be a let down).
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