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Re: Re: Re: David Blaine Stunt Scam
by Anonymous
timA you are so stupid/ stupid hater like you should stfu, you just jeaolus of his accomplishment. There was no scam, no blacked out for "dramatic effect",buy a new tv or something. everyone can see he was struggling in the water. All the techical bs u said is so stupid, think about it before you speak please. They pointed out all the problem for stupid ppl like you who didnt know what was going on. Breathing device? if you about to drown to death and u can't see anything in the water. can you still be able to put on a "breathing device" correctly? a quick release valve? Dont forget David is inside, the air and water pressure would suck his body to the bottom where the valve is open, which will only make it more difficult to rescue. SImple? why dont you just tell them to break the glass stupid. You said alot of things you sure that you sure this. I'm sure you are just hating. He trained with the Navy for months and physical preparation for this stunt. Go get some facts before you sure this your sure that. David Blaine is the man, he hold his breath under water for 7mins after 7days living underwater. Yes he failed his attempt to break the world record but if I didnt know the world record is 8:58. I would have believed 7mins is a world record.
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