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Re: Re: David Blaine Stunt Scam
by Anonymous
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact Information: Curtis Eugene Lovell II SLATTERY ENTERTAINMENT GROUP Phone: 562.366.9385 DAVID BLAINE To Accept Or Decline Curtis Lovell’s Challenge LIVE On Air On December 11, 2006. LOS ANGELES (December 09, 2006) -After many months that Curtis Eugene Lovell II, an up-and-coming escape artist and illusionist, who publicly challenged David Blaine and noted psychic John Edwards, will go live on the air one on one with David Blaine on 101.5 FM in New Jersey, on Monday December 11, 2006 at around 4 pm EST. After a live radio interview of Lovell with 101.5 FM’s The Jersey Guys on Dec 8th, it was announced that Blaine would be an in-studio guest and announce whether he is to accept or decline Lovell’s challenge. Tune in or login to and LISTEN LIVE. For more information on booking interviews and performance by Lovell, please contact his management: SLATTERY ENTERTAINMENT GROUP LLC 562.366.9385 Past news releases: IS DAVID BLAINE FOR REAL? WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE? Escape Artist and Illusionist Curtis Eugene Lovell II Wants To Prove That Blaine’s Greatest Illusion Is Fooling The Public Are there supernatural powers? Lovell says no and unveils the 8 mistakes of David Blaine and Psychic John Edwards. Will David Blaine accept Lovell’s Challenge?
 Lovell “ups the ante” for the holidays…. Upcoming television appearances for Lovell: Spike TV - Man answers USA Network - Road Characters (pending) Reelz Channel – Documentary Also, see him slicing Paris Hilton in half on “The Simple Life,” season 4. More information on Lovell:,
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