I really enjoy reading stuff like this as it reaffirms that what we're doing at SimpleFilter is just above and beyond what these big guys are doing:

It really was just three weeks ago that the news came out that Verizon agreed to settle a class action suit brought against the company for being too aggressive in blocking spam. Apparently, what the lawyers agreed to hasn't filtered back to those in charge of handling the spam filters (perhaps it was caught in their own spam filter), as the company is now being accused of turning on (oh yes, once again) an overly aggressive spam filter leading to many problems for users not getting important, legitimate, emails. It's great that Verizon wants to curb spam for its users -- but being overly aggressive without any way to opt-out or check the filter is clearly problematic for people who expect to be able to get all of their legitimate emails. Update: Verizon is now claiming that this was simply a glitch with their spam filters -- and it's now been fixed. However, anyone from Yahoo, America Online, MSN, Google, Roadrunner and a few other ISPs who tried to email someone with a Verizon.net email address over the past few days might want to try to resend that message. (via TechDirt)