I did a study on this in the late 90's for a customer in which I came up with pretty much the same results. Even worse, skipping the website altogether was very high on the list. So not only did they not see the flash intro they never saw the homepage:

"The common use of "flash intros" to corporate websites has never made much sense. Generally, they're a pain, and even for the few folks who want to watch them, after seeing it once, why should they ever want to go back again? Yet, for some reason, web designers love them, and somehow keep convincing corporations to use them. However, a usability expert studying these things now says that " the skip intro button is the most used button on the Internet." While you can quibble over the hyperbole, it does make sense to question why so many firms keep using these types of entryways, when it clearly keeps people from the content they actually want -- such as how to buy your product. (via TechDirt)